You can make a determined difference




Solomon is a Business Consultant with diverse management experience in the for-profit as well as nonprofit sectors.
His portfolio includes small, medium and large business enterprises.

Besides his passion to share his management experience through classes and using the medium of IDEAS DEFINITION, he also currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Christ’s Ambassadors’ Ministries in Boston, MA.

Solomon enjoys developing people and to build organizations.

He holds a Masters in Business Administration [MBA], Masters in Economics and Social Development and a honorary Doctorate in Theology.


This book will motivate you to commit to a life of determined difference in a generation that seems inclined to walking the short-cut and self-pleasing paths, contrary to what God desires for mankind.

It will spur you to live a life of RELEVANCE, realizing that you only live once and only the life that is lived in fulfilling God’s purpose and your calling will eventually count.

It is my prayer that this book will help you to realize your calling and to stay on the “lane” towards becoming
who God desires for you to be.


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